Filipino American Artist Directory is open to emerging, mid-career, and established visual artists of all backgrounds. Artists may be self-taught, have completed some training in art or other fields, or have an advanced degree. We welcome artists who have a consistent, professional record of exhibiting or producing work. This may include traditional media (e.g. painting, sculpture, printmaking) or new and emerging media (e.g. performance, video, sound work, socially-engaged or experimental practices).

As a resource focused mainly on exhibitions and artist publications, we are currently not adding businesses or other creative fields such as music, theater, culinary arts, etc. — although we would still love to hear from you and discuss other ways to collaborate! If you have questions about if your work qualifies for this project, please send us an email.

Submit by sending three images of your best work, 1-2 paragraph bio, and website url (if applicable) to for consideration.