The GedAze Project is a collaboration between Aze Ong and Ged Merino, two artists pushing the boundaries of textiles. Together, both artists have a common thread – from materials and process, to engaging viewers to interact with the work. Their work is both a reflection and reminder of familiar objects, and the stories bound within. Aside from using textiles as their medium, both Ged and Aze use their differences and similarities to collaborate on installations.

Aze Ong is a visual and performance artist working with fiber as medium. Integral to her creative process is intuition and spontaneity, rooted in her discoveries having lived with the Talaandig tribe. Crocheting, knitting, knotting, embroidery, macramé, and sewing are some of the techniques she uses to create immersive installations, both tactile and interactive. Ong’s art, both performative and functional, aims to challenge previously gender-bound limitations and create new possibilities.

Ged Merino’s current practice has its origins in textiles. At an early age he was attracted to fabrics. When he was young he watched his mother recycle old fabrics and use various techniques to give them new life. It was a way of life for her – the era of repair and repurposing. Living in NYC nearly half of his lifetime, a realization came to him after spending several years in Manila working on projects – the contrast of poverty versus waste. Haunted by possession and disposal, discarded materials eventually became his focus, a way of collecting artifacts from people’s lives, and repurposing textiles and various materials into his artistic process.