James Bascara was born in 1983, raised in Millstone, New Jersey, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Originally, he pursued engineering, graduating from Rutgers University for biomedical engineering, and changed direction soon after to attend the School of Visual Arts to study illustration. While working as an illustrator, he continued to develop a larger body of work that explores mythology and storytelling.

“Through my work, I am uncovering building blocks for new myths. I explore the restrictions and possibilities of various materials and mediums, whether through painting, animation, zines, ceramics, etc. As a Filipino-American, I dwell on ideas of colonization, lost languages, memories, and histories, as well as the potential of forging of new paths and identities, by acknowledging my both my heritage and my current place and time. The works can be seen as new artifacts, objects and stories that provide another way of understanding ourselves.”