Nico Fertakis lives in Washington, DC, and was raised in Florida by parents who emigrated from their respective countries—the Philippines and Greece. She studied Sociology at the University of Florida, and received a Master's degree in Human Resources Management and an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University. While Fertakis does not have education in art, she enjoys the creative process and how artwork can serve as a reflection of her multicultural background.

Fertakis designs prints that feature Venn diagrams and text that combines American expressions with Filipino food. According to Fertakis, "Being Filipino and American can be different, but are not mutually exclusive. The Venn diagrams and customized idioms in my prints illustrate this overlap and intersection." The colors of the Venn diagrams that Fertakis creates are also symbolic. They reflect the colors of the Filipino-inspired fruit/vegetable/dish that she features in the adapted expression on the print. Fertakis's artwork has been featured in The Washington Post, The Washington City Paper, and The Studio Visit.