Nanette Catigbe is a fine artist who works in a variety of mediums. She started painting during high school and only stopped when she was in medical school and residency training. When she started her private practice as an internist, she decided to pick up the paintbrush again to destress and has never stopped painting since then.

Catigbe’s husband’s job brought them to Fort Dodge, Iowa, arriving in the midst of winter, December 2017. She has incorporated art into healing by teaching and conducting workshops and art classes for enthusiasts and the community. She manages Mucchio di Bella Pastries and Art, specializing in hand-painted art cakes and cookies since 2012.

She finds inspiration in nature, people, and the randomness of life. Being self-taught, Catigbe paints everyday, reads books, and continues to hone her craft. Some of her works are in the homes of private collectors. Her objective is to touch more lives and enable others to embrace art.