Meryl Lou Cabio, also known as Royal Sumikat, was born in Makati Metro Manila and currently resides in Houston, Texas. She is a mixed media artist specializing in murals, paintings, and drawings. The subject of most of her work is the human image. She also enjoys the application of symbolism, mythology, spirituality, anthropology, nature, and high-contrast colors we don’t typically see in our day-to-day environment in her art.

People recognize her work because of the retro-futuristic cyberpunk style prevalent in her pieces. She believes the entertainment industry and the news push an extremely bleak portrayal of the future, especially for people of color. Her intention is for her work to portray a different narrative. In the Royal Universe - technology, gadgets, and electronics are utilized to advance the art, spirituality, and infrastructure of a thriving futuristic and enriched culture.