Mark Aguhar (1987-2012) was a multidisciplinary artist whose work was a continuous exploration of queer expression and what it means to have grown up gay on the internet. Originally from Houston, Texas, Aguhar attended University of Texas at Austin and University of Illinois at Chicago. Aguhar collected visual artifacts from queer online communities and used them in their work to define and redefine who they are and what their body is. Their work combines porn, fashion, textile patterns, optical effects, trans identities, and queer jokes.

After Aguhar’s death, the Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant for woman-identified and trans-feminine queer artists of color was established in 2012 through Chances Dances. Aguhar’s work was also included in the 2015-2016 exhibition Bring Your Own Body: Transgender between archives and aesthetics.

I’d Rather Be Beautiful Than Male: Remembering the Radical Art of Mark Aguhar on Vice