A painting instructor by day, and a freelance comic book/illustrator artist by night, Filipina American artist Kim Miranda feels most at peace by surrounding herself with people, ideas, and objects of loving inspiration to fuel her art and narratives. She has done work for Nickelodeon Magazine, The Sea is Ours: An Anthology of Southeast Asia, and is currently working on a fantasy children’s comic book called Sun Dragon Song with writer Joyce Chng. 

Kim is fascinated by art history, poetry, indigenous world culture, contemporary painting, and human rights. Her aim is to use her passion with character design, storyboards, and visual development as cooperative sibling mediums to create connections and bridges between different cultures she has grown up with. She also loves to challenge herself using her belief in revitalizing these cultures through using timeless elements of worldwide appeal and universal themes of selflessness, sensitivity, compassion and courage. It is her greatest wish and goal to tell stories that balance a sense of calm and feeling at home together with feeling the thrill of epic tales from long ago and far away.