Frances Grace Mortel is a photographer and filmmaker who is passionate about visual storytelling that makes a difference. She focuses on capturing images that move and matter — stories of people, events, spaces, and places — to inclusively represent communities, significantly contribute in promoting cultural and social justice, and help create a more compassionate world.

Mortel studied Film and Audio-Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. She continued practicing filmmaking outside the classroom walls; she started training in the art department as costume assistant and set dresser while juggling videography and editing jobs from 2008-2012, until she worked as a freelance art director and production designer for film, television, and digital content in 2013-2015. She moved to Spokane, Washington with her husband and son in 2016, and is currently completing her Digital Media Production degree while working as a marketing assistant for Spartan Theatre at Spokane Falls Community College. She recently exhibited a diptych set from her photo series Postcards to Olympia in Terrain 11, Spokane's biggest annual juried art fair. Her short film as an art director, Amy, recently won Best Film at Northwest Horror Fest.