Born in the Philippines in 1989, Intel Japitana is a multidisciplinary Filipino artist and curator. She has produced a diverse array of creative work that includes installations, photography, paintings, and mixed media. She likes to art direct, capturing the curvilinear form of the human body. Her architectural background proves helpful in correlating her installations with her photography. Beyond architecture, her works continue to evolve and expand. She started exploring other media, without adhering to a single form, in an attempt to broaden her definition of art. While her work involves research and studies, she prioritizes her ideals over universal concepts. She creates interactive pieces that initiate conversations with the viewer. In her works, she finishes with a question that she would ask herself, as though starting a conversation with others, while simultaneously awakening awareness in others. She likes to explore other people's unique perspectives on complex concepts including religion, politics, history, social issues, and modern-day sexuality.

Intel walked a meandering path before she became a full-time artist; this had a significant influence on her way of thinking. Photography enraptured Intel from the age of ten onward, and she won several photography competitions in the Philippines. She studied at La Consolation College in Bacolod, but after three years of studying for a BS in Architecture she abandoned pursuit of this degree, deciding instead to pursue her passion for photography. Her photography took her to Doha, Qatar; Oman; and Manama, Bahrain, as a studio supervisor and a press photographer. On returning to the Philippines, she completed Photography NC II at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, Manila, Philippines. She also served as a co-founder and curator of the contemporary art gallery House of Frida in Bacolod City, Philippines. Intel Japitana currently lives in San Marcos, Texas, where she is studying for a BS in Art History at Texas State University.