Grace Bio was born in 1986 in Key West, Florida and knew she was going to be an artist at a young age. Inspired first and foremost by her siblings; Leo, an old-school graffiti artist, and Gigi, a fashion designer/ urban photographer, their guidance proved a strong influence on her vision. In her work, she incorporates a graffiti-like style with layers of organic lines, integrating her love of indigenous cultures, the wonders of life, and her own personal growth.

Raised by a Navy family, she traveled extensively until her family decided to settle in Jacksonville, Florida in 1991. She attended Florida State College and Flagler College. Since 2006, she has exhibited her work and performed in San Francisco and throughout the East Coast, has been a guest artist for numerous events and programs, and has done commission work for various clients. She has also worked as an art director in Jacksonville, had her illustrations published in a children’s book series, and was one of the cast members of an intergenerational Filipina play called “Raised Pinay” in NYC.

Currently, she is part of the 8X10 COLLECTIVE, a group consisting of the Bio siblings collaborating on projects, exhibitions, and performances, and is the art coordinator for We Filipinos, INC., which hosts the event "Filipino Pride Day." She actively works as a freelance illustrator, painter, graphic designer, muralist and live performing artist.