Erina Alejo (b. 1991, San Francisco, CA) is an educator, organizer, and artist. Through ethnographic and archival frameworks, Alejo examines the role of the city, family, and body in post-colonial intergenerational memory, healing, and trauma. Currently, they are researching, archiving, and creating work exploring the iconographic and cultural impact of SOMA Pilipinas, their hometown’s Filipino Cultural Heritage District, on creating culture and community for Filipinos.

Alejo co-founded Appendix Collective, a growing collective of multi-ethnic Asian Pacific Islander womxn and gender nonconforming, queer, and allied artists in the Bay Area. They also co-founded the SoMapagmahal Photo Mxntorship Program through their alma mater after school program, Galing Bata, serving youth of color in SOMA Pilipinas. Alejo holds bachelor's degrees in Visual Arts and Human Development from UC San Diego and is a third-generation renter with family in San Francisco, documented through their Instagram series, @ahxstoryofrenting.