Residing in Santa Barbara, California, DJ Javier is a hybrid of graphic designer and artist, who blends together scribbles, symbols, doodles, and anecdotes to assemble multilayered, interconnected works that draw inherent inspiration from the ebb and flow of his West Coast home. DJ approaches his art through the lens and perspective of design, which yields an aesthetic made up of free-flowing and wide expressionist swipes of color, bold graphics, and intricate renderings of characters and text. DJ’s animated works pay homage to the roguishly creative spirit of the countercultures that raised him within art, surfing, music, and the blended inspirations of Southern California. Largely inspired by things outside of just art, like his own memories and experiences, DJ creates authentic works of art and design that not only carry emotive connections to the things he loves, but also that possess a symbolic system of meaning and associations that he hopes piques different interests in different people.