champoy (born Janeil Sumampong Lim, 1980) is an artist and educator currently based in LA/Tongva Land. Originally from the highlands of Bukidnon and educated in Cebu City, champoy immigrated to US/Turtle Island in 2002. champoy works in a variety of mediums from drawings, murals, and videos to installations to assemblage sculptures. champoy’s work is heavily influenced by comix, organic patterns, and a humorous sense that is lifted from personal cosmology and ancestral visions. champoy also collaborates with different artists and communities to build sustainable habitats that look into the kinds of relationships we have with things and the social structures that inhibit us from creating alternative living situations outside of consumer capitalist models. 

champoy's current work is centered around merging installation, line, video, and performance to transform spaces and what it means to have self-representation as part of the evolving Pilipinx diaspora - to see and be seen as someone who not only produces objects, but is also produced as the object.