A product of Filipino diaspora, Cesar Conde landed in Chicago’s West Side 40 years ago. He then moved to Seattle where he participated in Seattle’s first school busing integration program. He resettled in the Windy City 28 years ago.

Conde is contemporary painter who deals with relevant social issues. He believes that art is and can be used as a conduit for social change. He tackles issues across color lines and communities. As an intersectional artist, Conde believes that we can create empathy and with that we can affect actions for the good of humanity. He studied at Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. He also studied with the French master Patrick Betaudier.

Conde’s current series, “AmeriKKKa – Reflection of a Divided Nation,” echoes the racist narrative of the current Trump regime, recording epithets thrown at immigrants, POC, marginalized groups, and African-Americans during his campaign to his current White House occupancy.

Conde has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at Purdue University, The Field Museum, and the Museo de Arte Moderno in Turin, Italy. Conde has also exhibited in France, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, Germany, and throughout the US.