Carol Anne McChrystal is a Filipino-Irish-American artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Her materially-driven sculpture and videos work through chemical processes and labor-intensive hand making to explore the intertwined absurdity of natural resource extraction, commodified necessity, and catastrophic weather as they are refracted through the lens of human shelter, intellectual property, and the poetry of earth sciences. As part of the collaborative duo Nightmare City, she has created immersive environments which have been exhibited at Alter Space in San Francisco, The Luminary in St. Louis, and Horse and Pony Fine Arts in Berlin, and has shown video works at Essex Flowers in New York, MASS Gallery in Austin, TX and ACRETV in Chicago.

Her most recent solo body of work, "Entropical Latitudes," is a trail guide to indescribable beauty amid the twilight world of capital. The arrangements of textures, surfaces, and objects are necessarily unfinished and cobbled together to take an inquisitive view into the human relationship with our Earth — the extraction of its resources, the abstraction of its landscape. Human enterprise has forever changed the face of the Earth. “Entropical Latitudes” mirrors the disturbingly banal expressions of this profound effect on deep geological time. Inhabiting the tension between Earth’s immense history and the absurd (yet mundane) everyday experience of plastic, new media, and commodified necessities, she consolidates the constructed and the readymade to pry open a speculative space for resisting the means-ends rationale of late capitalism. Basking in the poetry of Earth science, her objects are equal parts catastrophic abstraction, shimmering extractivism, and exquisite syntropy. The elements are built up through their own geological processes: accumulation and dumping, pouring and assembling. Crystalline and embodied, these works are incantations on orders of magnitude — from the miniscule and local to the immense and cosmic, indexical conglomerations in anticipation of a world without us.