Salutation by Eunice Barbara C. Novio

—after "Mea Culpa" by Kelvin Burzon



Filipino American Artist Directory is delighted to inaugurate an Ekphrasis Feature, for which we announce a Call for Poems & Other Writings inspired by the Directory's artists. Ekphrasis relates to "the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on" artworks so as "to amplify and expand its meaning" (see Poetry Foundation).

To participate and submit, writers are asked to write on any artwork by the artists in the Filipino American Artist Directory—you may choose images on our website, or on the individual artists' websites. We are open to poems, flash fiction, and other creative writings. 

This feature will be edited by Eileen R. Tabios who has written numerous ekphrasis poems, art-inspired fiction, as well as art criticism.  Send your writings, with reference to the artwork, as well as a bio to Eileen through

In addition to publication, participating poets and writers will receive one of Eileen R. Tabios' ekphrasis poetry collections: either Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole which reflects abstract expressionist art or SUN STIGMATA which reflects sculpture.


Submissions are currently closed until 2018. 


A Shy Painting by Eileen R. Tabios

—after "face down" by Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza

Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: For the Dreamers by Eileen R. Tabios

—after "Re-created Forest 3" by Pamela Ybañez

Burgeon in the slow methodology by Felino A. Soriano

—after "An Eyeful of Nothing. A Brain Full of Everything"  by John Yoyogi Fortes

Tree Restrictions by E.E. Nobbs

—after "Desert Spring Cedar" by Katrina Bello

Riddle by Jonel Abellanosa

—after "Phantom Limb" by Janna Añonuevo Langholz

Made in the Philppines by Felix Fojas

—after "Spratly" by Matt Manalo

Motivated phantom by Felino A. Soriano

—after "First, the Seed" by Jean Vengua

The Symptoms by Michael Caylo-Baradi

—after "Masked Figure" by Jean Vengua

Self-Less Self by Susan Terris

—after "Why Aren't You?" by Kimberley Acebo Arteche

Spare Change by Christian Gerard Gella

—after "3-peat (2)" by Roberto Jamora

Luya (a monologue) by Amanda L. Andrei

—after "Remediation through Ginger" by Jeanne F. Jalandoni

Trial by Miko Jao

—after "Molon Labe Americana" by Kelvin Burzon

The Land of Choice by Agnes Marton

—after "The Circle of Life is Pretty Cool Unless It's Your Turn to Die" by Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio

ITERATION by Luisa A. Igloria

—after "I 2 K - Imelda 2000"  by Bennie Flores Ansell

On Grandma and Balut by Melinda Luisa de Jesus

—after "Balut Study" by Jeanne F. Jalandoni

It's Your Turn (To Die) by Christine Fojas

—after "The Circle of Life is Pretty Cool Unless It's Your Turn to Die" by Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio

Shh! by Marton Koppany

—after "Exclusion II" by Matt Manalo

Alegria (Ars Poetica #123,000) by Eileen R. Tabios

—after "Ghost Houses" by Janna Añonuevo Langholz

{an excerpt from} Benedicta Takes Wing by Veronica Montes

—after "Nesting" by Jean Vengua

Conning the Confident (1/2 sonnet) by Patrick James Dunagan

—after "Continually Getting it Twisted"  by Carlo Ricafort

Angelus by Eunice Barbara C. Novio

—after "Mea Culpa" by Kelvin Burzon

Condemned to Accretions by Michael Caylo-Baradi

—after "Enclave" by Jeremy Keith Villaluz

Taking It Slant From Those February Days by Eileen R. Tabios

—after "Untitled" by Isabel Cuenca

After The Lovers by Aileen Ibardaloza

—after "The Women and Insects Sing Together" by Kim Miranda

Stolen Moment by Jonel Abellanosa

—after "Night Picture No. 10" by Daniel Ballesteros

TOUCH ME NOT by Patrick James Dunagan

—after "Maria Clara's Piña Fiber Sleeve" by Rea Lynn de Guzman

Why Transients Find It Hard To Dream by Luisa A. Igloria

—after "You Reap What You Sow" by Ulysses Duterte