One of Bong Redila's earliest memories as a young artist was in mid 70's in the Philippines when he and his older brother were being punished for using their aunt's lipstick as a medium to draw Looney Tunes characters on their parents bedroom wall.

By the early 90's they moved to the island of Guam and spent the rest of his teen years mentoring with some of the finest artists in the Marianas - Christian Mahilum, Arman Germar, Boi Sibug, Nick Baldemor, and Jon Medina. He then went on to become the first youngest member of the artists organization The Saturday Group of Guam. Joined numerous group exhibits and later on opened his very own art exhibit called Stages.

Now living in Miami, Florida, with his beautiful and supportive wife, Arceli and their ever so charming daughter, Oneng, Bong has now illustrated numerous children's books including Jerry, the Boy who Cried Monster, Ann Page's Maggie and Chester series, and Lauri Fortino’s The Peddler’s Bed. From the Kirkus Review on his illustration for The Peddler’s Bed: “Redila's palette has the color and clarity of stained glass, and his figures are slightly exaggerated, suggesting Baum's original Oz.”

In 2013, Redila created an illustration series called Borderline. He wrote:Borderline came into existence due to my fascination and love affair with making short stories and lack of time. I was so busy illustrating children’s books that it consumed my time and making more short stories with multi-panel became impossible. But my need and hunger to tell short fables propelled me to even shorten how I tell tales. A single-panel comic, Borderline is a collection of surreal and whimsical images accompanied by a short line of caption or text. The aim of this project is to draw the reader/viewer into a place called Melag (mə• läg), a fictional little town where phantasmagoric and peculiar events perpetually take place and push and encourage them to expand their imagination and complete their own story on each page. This project is a spin-off of a larger project I did called Melag, a book of short stories published in the Philippines by Anino comics / Adarna House.”