James Bascara was born in 1983, raised in Millstone, New Jersey, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Originally, he pursued engineering, graduating from Rutgers University for biomedical engineering, and changed direction soon after to attend the School of Visual Arts to study illustration. While working as an illustrator, he continued to develop a larger body of work that explores mythology and storytelling.

Through his exploration, Bascara creates a visual language and system of myths that are universal and timeless, while meditating on identity, psychology, spirituality, and philosophy, stemming from his experience as a Filipino American. Through many mediums and techniques, including painting, books, and animation, he seeks new connections, hybrid languages, and unique ways of telling stories. The inclination to cross-reference and cross-pollinate different forms and genres is a reaction to the mixed, disjointed, and lost histories of the Filipino American. It’s a language of a perpetual foreigner ultimately finding a place in relation to the universe, and a way to speak to the sublime.