Video still from  “BASTOS,”  2017. 3:36 min.  

Angel Alviar-Langley (aka ‘Moonyeka’) is a sick and disabled queer Filipinx femme street-styles dancer who utilizes art creation and organizing to realize a more inclusive and intersectional world for the communities she comes from. Her current projects include “WHAT’S POPPIN’ LADIEZ?!”, an ethnographic research project and community event series focused on the female popping experience and “BASTOS” (meaning "rude" or "disrespectful" in Tagalog), a collection of experiences exploring Filipinx diaspora, ancestral memory, kapwa, and circumstance—walang hiya.

Moonyeka is also a choreographer and dancer of Au Collective, a dance collective that puts womxn, queer folks, and POC at the forefront. As a street dancer, Moonyeka participates in local and national dance battle competitions and exhibitions, and was recently an invitee to the “MEMPHIS VS EVERYBODY” and “QUEEN OF THE HILL” battles. When not battling, Angel is a teaching artist for Arts Corps + Spectrum Dance Theater, helps runs an open dance session (VIBE) for immigrant youth at Yesler Terrace, and coaches REMIX, a young brown girl competition team.

Also, as a team member of Moksha, a Seattle art space and local boutique owned by Karleen Ilagan and Robin Guilfoil, Moonyeka expands her artistry outside of dance by supporting Moksha’s mission to foster the next generation of Seattle artists through event curation and creative direction. Moonyeka is a DanceCrush selected by Seattle Dances, the 2017 Tina La Padula Fellowship recipient, Ubunye Project 2017 contributor, Mary Gates Leadership awardee, and George Newsome Humanitarian scholar.